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    The Goal of the FPA Virtual Externship

    Our goal with this externship is to support students, new professionals, career changers, experienced professionals and those who are entirely new to financial planning – with unique insights into the profession.

    You’ll get the opportunity to see how financial planning is applied in diverse financial planning firms, and with diverse clientele, so you can finally see yourself in the profession.

    Why Join the FPA Virtual Externship?

    FPA has been creating resources and continuing education for professionals for over 20 years, and Amplified Planning wants to create new ways to help planning professionals master their craft.

    With curriculum created and approved by FPA and Amplified Planning, aspiring and Certified Financial Planner™ professionals can learn more about the profession and its practice from their own homes.

    Instead of working with just one firm, you get to peek behind the curtain and see over 25 firms and experts at work, and do the work yourself. You’ll also get access to over 20 deliverables and processes from these experts, so you can learn a new way to work that works for you.

    What You’ll Learn Inside This Virtual Externship?

    Over the course of 8 weeks, externs and program attendees will receive in-depth and expert trainings on:

    • Investment Planning
    • Insurance and Risk Management Planning
    • Cash Flow Planning
    • Student Loan Planning and College Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Tax Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Navigating Your Career
    • Real-world Applications for Planning Software